The Awe in the Ordinary

“I want to do BIG things for the Kingdom”–something I remember saying often growing up. I dreamed of moving across the globe and feeding hungry children, becoming the next big time women’s Bible teacher, starting a revolution at my school…the list could go on. I was always dreaming “BIG”.

Not that dreaming big is of itself a bad thing at all, but I think somewhere along the way I began to believe that BIG was best. Big was the only meaningful way to live. If I wasn’t doing “BIG” things for God, then what was I even doing?

Shortly after graduating college and being thrust into the “adult world”, I started realizing the reality of my life wasn’t big, exciting, world-shattering things—it was laundry. And bills. And phone calls. And grocery runs. And going to work. And a whole lot of mundane things. Is this what God had created me for? To do all THIS boring stuff? How did I find joy amidst all of it? How was I supposed to make a kingdom impact?

I was faced with skewed thoughts vs. reality and had to figure out how to find Christ in my everyday life. Then I started looking around and realized that the majority of us have lives that are very much what the world might call, “ordinary”. Even the superstars have days that are filled with all of the things listed above.

So if I believe the Bible to be true…which I DO. And God says, that he works ALL things for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose (Rom. 8:28), and if he says that ALL things are FROM him (Rom. 11:36), and if he says go and make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28)…then those scriptures are always true. Not just when I’m on a mission trip or creating a ministry. That means that God’s eternal purpose in woven into every single thing that I do, big or small.

WOAH. Talk about renewing your mind. When my mind is being filled with what the world says is purposeful and impactful and successful, I’m missing what God has placed right in front of me and chasing after the wind. But when my mind is fixed on what is true, I’m able to see Christ and his eternal purpose in every moment of my day, poopy diapers and all.

Think about the way that God made water and how it is a beautiful symbol of the trinity, three in one (water, ice, vapor & Father, Son, Spirit), as your make your morning coffee or wash the dishes. Think about how Christ restores and makes all things new as your scrub your bathroom or clean your house. Think on the priceless gift of salvation as you are paying your bills. Ask God for ways to point your coworker toward Christ today. Find a way to love or serve your physical neighbor. Plead with the Holy Spirit to give you joy and grace amidst an exhausting day of parenting. With the sustaining help of the Holy Spirit, the possibilities are endless to see Jesus in all things, and make all things for him. Romans 11:36 says that ALL things are FROM him and THROUGH him and FOR him. Not just some things, not just the big things, everything.

It is all from Jesus, and able through Jesus, and every teensy tiny bit is for Jesus. Each part of this little life of mine is woven with the grace, glory, and eternal purpose of God.  May we be women whose minds meditate on Christ, eyes fix on Christ, and hearts treasure Christ above all else…and may that overflow into every crevice of our lives. Will you join me on the journey to finding the awe in the ordinary?

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