You know what the Lord has really been working in me? GRACE. Woooweee, y’all. GRACE.

There have been so many moments in the past year that have been extremely humbling. There have been more moments than I can count where I am longing for the other person to assume the best in me. To give me grace. To understand me.

To the friend I never called or texted back, I’m wishing that they knew how many phone calls and text messages and emails I’m trying to fit into the margins of my day. I’m trying my best to be a disciple, wife, coach, and employee, and sister, and friend, and daughter. And the margins and energy in my day feel like they are shrinking. Please don’t be hurt. It’s nothing personal. I love you. I cherish you. I’m trying.

To the person I’m talking to, please don’t misunderstand the way I said that. Please know that I meant nothing more than love and authenticity in that conversation.

To the person whose event  or invitation I missed, please trust that I genuinely want to be there, but sometimes other things have to come first. It stinks. But I have to say no. It’s nothing personal.

To the people who follow me on social media, praying that you don’t misunderstand my heart and intentions. I’m not trying to self promote, I’m never trying to make my life look perfect, I don’t think I’m super righteous or spiritual. I have a DEEP rooted passion for women. The Lord sees my heart and I wish you could too. Please assume the best.

To the person who sees me acting differently than normal. It has nothing to do with you. I’m tired. I’ve got a lot of hurt and stress that I’m walking through. Please understand. Please don’t jump to conclusions.

You see guys, I could go on for a long time of the many situations that I’ve constantly been put in where I’m just really hoping that people give me the benefit of the doubt, that people don’t take it personally, that people extend grace, and that people assume the best.

EXCEPT. It’s actually hilarious because I’m someone with a really sensitive heart who tends to take things a little too personally and who often assumes the worst.

I assume they never like my pictures because they actually don’t like me, I assume that they are being manipulative, I assume that they didn’t text me back because they are angry, I assume they are just lazy, I assume that X Y Z.

My husband has been the greatest counterbalance to this tendency of mine. He rarely takes things personally and he often just assumes the best.

So when I start to run down this hurt-felt dark hole of assumptions, he snatches me up and pulls me back to the light. Reminding me of grace.

You don’t know the other side of the story. You just don’t know.

1 Corinthians 13:7 tells us that, “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Love assumes the best in others. And after a year of craving for this love from others, I’m dying to love this way myself:

Don’t assume the homeless person is lazy.

Don’t assume the rich person is greedy or ungenerous.

Don’t assume the facts after hearing one side of the story.

Don’t assume you know someone’s heart after reading one post.

Don’t assume that the unfriendly waiter is a mean person.

Don’t assume that the bubbly person is fake.

Don’t assume that you know better than someone younger than you.

Don’t assume that your way is the best way.

Don’t assume that the repentance isn’t genuine.

Don’t assume…

May we be women FULL of grace that flows from the amazing grace extended daily to us. You don’t know the whole story. Leave that work up to the Lord. We are all dying for others to extend love and grace—and may we be those people to others.

Here’s to not assuming and here’s to assuming the best in love.


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