The Guy in the Green Shirt

As of two days ago, it was four years, to the day, that my husband and I met for the first time. Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve gotten several requests to share our story. I love to post about my husband and the things that I’ve learned in my short two years of marriage, so I thought why not share my favorite story ever?

Four years ago means I was 19 years old and a little, baby college sophomore. I was attending Oklahoma State University. My freshman year of college I started out at a small college in TX and transferred in to OSU second semester. My husband at the time was a Junior in college, also at OSU, who had been there from the beginning.

My second semester of freshman year (which was my first semester at OSU), I jumped right into everything campus ministry. I had been in Oklahoma a total of like 8 days when I signed up to attend a Christian retreat where I knew NO ONE going. What. Who does that?

I do things like that often, and yet I always surprise myself when I do. So anyways, I attended the retreat, met great people, got involved, and then ended up being a small group leader the next year for that same retreat.

Okay. Now flash forward to October 16, 2013.

That afternoon I was getting a beach wave on my hair. LOL. At the time, I didn’t like my natural hair (it was one of those, not curly, not straight…just awkward wave kinda things… you know what I’m talking about?), so I wanted to get this beach wave so I could wake up and not have to fix my hair at all. Still cracking up at myself. It worked and looked good… but never again.

So I go to get this done and it takes WAY longer than expected. My roommates and I had planned to go grab dinner together as soon as I was done, but my hair was taking forever. I told them to go without me, but they insisted they would wait.

By the time I get done, it was like 8:00. One of my roommates insisted on a place called Qdoba to eat. I had been to Qdoba one time since living in Oklahoma, but apparently it was a really popular place to eat. So at 8:00 p.m. we head to Qdoba for dinner.

As we are sitting there, three guys walk through the door. My now husband (who I did not know at the time) and two of his friends. One of his friends was a guy I knew decently well from the retreat where I was a small group leader at that I told you about. He had also invited me to play on his intramural soccer team. So when he walks through the door, he says, “Hey Brooke!”

The three guys come over to our table. They were apart of a fraternity and were putting on a scavenger hunt for the newest littles in their “family”. They asked if we wouldn’t mind waiting around until they came in the door to video them and hand them the next clue. So of course, I say yes.

It was going to be another 10 minutes until the boys came through the door, so we sat there talking for just a little bit. My husband and I never talked directly to one another that night, but he definitely caught my eye. 😉

After we finished with everything, my friends and I left, and I was like, “GUYS. Who was the guy in the green shirt?!”

I’m pretty sure he said a few words the whole time we were together as a group, but there was just something about him.

So, we go home, and I cannot stop talking about the guy in the green shirt. I literally knew nothing about him, heard him speak maybe a few sentences, and yet could not get him out of my head.

My roommates prompted me to ask the guy that I knew, who he was.

Uh. Hello. NO WAY. That’s awkward, and weird, and SO not me.

But the guy in the green shirt….*swoon*….

This went on for awhile. Ask my roommates. It was a comical evening.

After being told to, “just live a little. What’s it going to hurt?” I finally texted my friend and asked who the guy in the green shirt was.

I got a, “Braden Wilson, he’s a stud!” reply. Then we texted a few more times back and forth, and that was that.

After the conversation, I thought to myself, “Why in the world did I do that? That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”

Seriously. I was so embarrassed that I would even inquire about a guy. If you all knew me back then, I would have never done something like that when it came to boys. They were to be inquiring about me. It was so extremely against my nature… I was so embarrassed that I even asked for his name. It’s not even like I asked for his number, literally his name…but at the time, it seemed like a HUGE deal. LOL.

The next morning I wake up and think, “Well that was dumb. Moving on.”

TWO WEEKS pass. I had honestly forgotten all about Braden Wilson. Until one evening I was sitting down to eat dinner with two of my other roommates, and I get a voicemail from an unknown number.

I start to listen. The first words, “Hey Brooke. This is Braden Wilson. We kinda met a few weeks ago at Qdoba…”

I shoot up from the table as I’m listening. My roommates are wondering what in the world is going on. I turn the voicemail on speaker phone, and we all start to freak out… as 19 year old girls do when a cute boy calls you.

He told me he wanted to ask me something, and for me to give him a call back. Once I calmed myself, I called him back. Turns out that he gotten my number from our mutual friend and had been waiting to call me. Two weeks in a row were midterms and then his Mom was getting married. He was a busy guy, but had been holding onto my number this whole time. He was hoping I hadn’t forgotten who he was.

Ohhhh. How could I forget the guy in the green shirt? (as much as I had tried to suppress the memory of that night 😉 )

Anyways, he asked me out on a date for that Friday night. He came to my front door to pick me up and we officially met for the first time. Sort of like a blind date, but not. He was just as cute as I had remembered.

I could go on and on and continue to tell the awesome story of our relationship and how Braden pursued me, but I will just leave it with… and the rest was history.

I look back to that night and am constantly amazed at how the Lord perfectly orchestrated every little detail so that we would cross paths in QDOBA of all places.

Thankful for my silly beach wave that took too long. Thankful for my friends who insisted they wait to eat dinner with me. Thankful I jumped into campus ministry when I first got to OSU and met our mutual friend. Thankful for silly fraternity traditions. Thankful for people who tell me to loosen up a bit and live in the moment. Thankful that when I forgot about a boy, he hadn’t forgotten about me. Thankful for the boy in the green shirt. And thankful for the amazing Heavenly Father who orchestrated it all.

Who would have known that the night I walked into Qdoba four years ago for dinner would be the night I would meet my husband, the absolute love and greatest earthly joy of my life.

Only the Lord can write a story like that (and yet it truly pales in comparison to the greatest love story ever told: Christ and the Church.) My cup overflows.

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