Christ is Enough


Is is Friday, already?! This week has gone by SO fast. The Lord has been teaching me a lot this week. I’ve been trying to finalize, edit, and submit the first three chapters of my manuscript, while trying to see people and soak up my last week of summer (technically I have one more week after that, but I’m having ankle surgery so I will be stuck on the couch recovering.) The process of writing a book has thrown me all over the place. One moment I’m beyond excited and confident in the Lord’s working. The next I feel completely alone. The next I feel inadequate. It’s a battle of the mind. But I am thankful for this time. It’s mostly fun 😉

Then, the thought of going back to work in just a few weeks has been making me anxious as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love the kids and people I work with, but this summer has been a dream. Getting to travel, see family, work on my book and blog, and still have time to keep a house, cook, and see friends. It was everything I could have wanted, and now I have to transition back to having a job that takes up a lot of my time and energy while other things get pushed behind; I’m not ready.

Ultimately, all of that going on in my head and heart this week has made me a little emotional. I’ve been trying to cling to everything to give me the rest and satisfaction I need. My husband is great, but he can never be Jesus for me. Sleep and relaxation are great, but they can never satisfy and comfort my soul. Working hard is great, but that will never fulfill me.

All week long, Jesus has been pointing me back to himself. All week long I am being reminded over and over of the sufficiency of Christ alone. Christ is Enough. That’s it. Nothing else in the universe will ever satisfy me or quiet my soul.  It’s Christ.

Christ is enough is the phrase I chose for the year 2017. The year 2016 was a restless year for me. I wanted 2017 to be a year where I learn in my heart that Christ is enough. I’ve been preaching it to myself over and over for the past six months. I feel like I know it at a greater depth now, but it’s still a constant battle to believe it to be true. HE IS ENOUGH. No matter what job I’m working, or how tired I am, or how many friends I do or don’t have, no matter how busy my husband is, no matter where I live, no matter what dreams come true or don’t…He is enough. He is sufficient to meet all my needs and will sustain me no matter what my life looks like. I am thankful for a week like this one that brings out the issues of the heart and points me back to the cross.

All of that to say, here are a few of my Friday faves (some are a little sappier than others):

1.) The sufficiency of the Lord. Thankful that my soul can find true rest and satisfaction in him.

2.) My husband. He is one gracious guy. When I sinfully let my emotions take me on a roller coaster ride, he is there ready to give grace and bring me back to truth. Thankful for the way he displays the graciousness of the Lord to me.

3.) Walmart grocery pick-up!!! If you haven’t tried this. You must. In times when I am really busy, it is a lifesaver. You order your groceries the day before online. All you do is type what you want into the search bar and add it to your cart. Then the next day, you drive to pick it up and they load it in your car. Takes me about 20 minutes total with driving time. Magic for busy people.

4.) My favorite food this week has been Cheezitz. LOL. So I haven’t eaten these in years. They used to be one of my favorite things. Then, this past weekend as I was flying home, my flight got all messed up, and I was going to be flying during lunch so I wanted a small snack to tie me over until I got home. When I went to the small little airport shop, the first thing that I saw were Cheezitz. So I grabbed them. Now I’m obsessed. These are good stuff, y’all. I forgot. And it’s taking me back to my childhood. So go grab yourself a childhood fave snack this weekend, healthy or not, just enjoy it. Fun to relive some childhood mems through food faves 😉

5.) MAGNOLIA. C’mon. I’m sure you saw some of my pictures or Instagram stories. Y’all. If you haven’t been, you have to plan a trip. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take you as long as you would think to walk around the Silos. It’s not like an all day thing. It’s definitely a several hour thing, but probably not all day. So plan an easy weekend trip to Waco/Dallas. There is tons to do.

The Silos though were just as magical as I had imagined. Everything is so cute and dreamy. There are plenty of things to do and look at, and every bit of that is right up my alley. I may have been “one of those people” that was a little too excited to be there… but what are you gonna do? hehe. I’m already wanting to go back in the FALL, when it’s a lot cooler and is decorated with cozy pumpkins and hot chocolate. Mmmmm. Take me back you guys!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my second Friday faves, and were encouraged by the work the Lord was doing in my heart this week. I am truly thankful for each of you. What are some of your faves this week?!

Enjoy your weekend, sistas!!!

xo -Brooke

7 thoughts on “Christ is Enough

  1. I think it is so sweet and generous that you’re doing a giveaway. Truthfully, that is what brought me here; but for some reason I think the lord called me to read this blog because I’m struggling with restlessness. I start a new job this coming semester and I am beyond excited, but nervous because my life is changing so fast. I’m thankful to God everyday for the opportunities He’s given me; I’m just anxious and so is my soul. This summer for me has also been really nice and I don’t really want it to end either. Anyways, thanks for sharing your struggles and the lessons that God is teaching you. I will be reminding myself that Christ is enough for me always. It is so sweet to see you continue to follow Christ no matter how you feel. 🙂


  2. I’m a kindergarten/photographer, so i feel the same about school starting back up! A lot of these same thoughts going through my mind this week- needed this post today! he is enough!!


  3. I love this! Its so important to remember that Christ is enough for us. Because when we are busy is exactly when we lose sight of that. Which is why I love this topic paired with your Friday faves! Its the little things that seem to make the big things flow mkre smoothly. And christ’s sufficiency is at the root of it all!


  4. It’s touching that your giving thing’s away of course that’s what first lead me here. But I have followed you for sometime and know your heart for the Lord is what draws me in. I can’t believe your writing a book best of luck on that one. I have always wanted to write one. Your gonna do great. What a gift you had time to write the book and have time off hope the surgery went well. Your recovering and feeling better by now. I know how surgery can be. Take care. I want to go to magnolias but not sure where the closest one is thanks for sharing. Your right Christ is enough. I needed to read this thank you and hear all you had to say. Christ is enough nothing will Satisfy us the way he can and will. Amen that’s so true. Your husband is so kind you you too.


  5. Praise God for The Holy Spirit & his constant reminders of how good we have it! In the name of Jesus, no weapon formed against us shall prosper!


  6. Wowza, i could relate to this so much! I’ve struggled with putting my full trust in the LORD, EVEN THOUGH i KNOW THAT IS WHAT i NEED TO DO!! i FIND MYSELF relying ON FRIENDS, FAMILY AND EVEN STRANGERS FOR SUPPORT instead OF SIMPLY RELY ON the lORD AND HIS soN, Jesus CHRIST. i’VE BEEN ABLE TO RECOGNIZE MYSELF DOING THIS AND I WILL TAKE A MOMENT IN PRAY IN MY TIMES OF NEED, AND USUALLY TURN ON SOME CHRISTIAN MUSIC AND SING UNTIL I FEEL BETTER, BUT I always GO BACK TO PEOPLE AND THINGS… i LOVE THAT YOU CHOOSE A PHRASE EACH YEAr. I’ve decided to do the same! (thank you!) over half way through the year isn’t too late to start right? 😉 I too have chosen to use “Christ is enough” as my motto for the remainder of the year. thank you so so so much for sharing this post. i JUST RECENTLY found YOUR INSTAGRAM PAGE THROUGH A GIVEAWAY, AND I just know that i found IT FOR A REASON. i NEEDED TO READ THIS AND BE reminded OF THIS phrase FOR THE TRIALS I am experiencing in life right now. again, thank you for sharing this and please keep writing. I love your blog and all the cute little journals, stickers, etc. in your shop. you’ve made me want to start a blog myself for my faith journey. I know that through Christ all things are possible, and that Jesus christ truly is our savior. i am so grateful for the wonderful love we have from our Heavenly father and his son Jesus christ.


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