Biggest Weakness or Biggest Strength?

So. Here’s the deal, I am a SUPER emotional person. When I am happy, I am extremely happy. When I’m sad, I’m really sad. Crying comes easily to me, no matter a good or sad situation. My feelings run really deep. Does anyone else relate?

I used to HATE that about myself. Why couldn’t I just have normal emotions like everyone else? Why did I have to cry so easily? It’s embarrassing. Why could I not tone it down a few notches when I am happy or excited? I felt like that part of me was too much for people. I didn’t want to be labeled as “the emotional girl”, not sure if I ever was, but I sure gave the label to myself.

Over and over again in my head I would think that this was definitely one of my worst characteristics…Until I met my husband.

When we were dating, my husband and I were talking one night about our favorite things about the other person (yes, mushy, I know ;)). I went first and got to talk all about my husband’s qualities that I loved so much. Then it was his turn. The first thing that came out of his mouth was this, “I love how emotional you are.”

Uhmm, excuse me? Did I hear you correctly? You love how emotional I am? I thought he was crazy. I quickly reminded him that being emotional wasn’t a good thing, and he quickly reminded me that I was wrong.

First off, emotions were given to us by God. Yes, sin has tainted them and emotions can definitely be sinful. BUT emotions can also be used to bring the Lord so much glory. My husband loved the way that I felt so much compassion for people I have never met and stories that I have never been apart of. He loved the way I got so excited, even about the littlest things. He felt that I could bring a whole new joy and excitement to the world and the body of Christ that he could never bring himself.

What a guy.

And what truth. That was the first time in my entire life (that I remember) someone talking so positively about my passion. It changed the game for me. No longer was I looking at my emotion as the worst part about me, I was looking at it as gift, that if stewarded carefully, I could use in mighty ways to further the Kingdom. Beyond thankful that the Lord used my husband to show me the gift he had given me.

Now there is a big difference between controlling your emotions and being controlled by your emotions. Emotional people can tend to float here and there based upon what they are feeling at the moment, which is so extremely dangerous. We as women HAVE to be grounded in TRUTH. When we know truth, we can hold up our feelings to what scripture says and know whether or not what we are feeling is true or sinful.

I think that the enemy loves to trip people up in this area (especially women). Our feelings feel SO real, so it is easy to think that because we felt something, it must be true. And it is easy to justify our actions because of our feelings. Be careful ladies. Truth always trumps feelings, no matter how strong the feelings are; but we have to know what the truth is in the first place.

So if you are like me and tend to be an emotional person I want to challenge you in these few things:

  1. God created you just that way. God made me feel much deeper than he did my husband for a purpose. He created me with a strong sense of passion for life, and that is a gift that I can choose to use for his glory or I can let control me sinfully.
  2. Don’t be blown here and there with your emotions. Be deeply rooted in scripture so that when the sinful emotions come, you can combat them and remain grounded in truth.
  3. Ask God to show you how you can steward your emotions to bring about his glory. Maybe you can use it to bring excitement about the gospel to your small group or a non-believer. Maybe you can use it to deeply care for the hurting and broken and then take action. Maybe you can use it to celebrate others or serve behind the scenes. Ask the Lord to show you what that looks like.

Let’s do this ladies. God made us in his image, may we learn to use and control every part of our being to reflect his gloriousness.

Love you sister,


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