A Letter to the College Grad

Dear College Grad,

Right now you may be more than ready to enter the real world. You can’t wait to be done with classes and studying, the burnout is real. All you want is to be doing something purposeful and applicable with your life.

OR you may be the senior who is holding on to college with every ounce you have left. The real world terrifies you and you want to stay young and seemingly care-free forever.

Whatever camp you are in, let me tell you this: Growing up is good, and growing up is hard.

With each new season in life there comes both joys and hardships. While winter is cold and bitter, the white snow that caps the ground is one of the most beautiful and peaceful sights to be seen. While fall is found to be a stunning time with the changing of leaves, it is in that exact process of color change that death is occurring. Each new season brings along with it good and hard things.

You, college grad, are about to enter into a new season.

You may not (and probably won’t) land your dream job right away. It may take you longer than you thought to even find a job. You may miss the freedom you once had with a college schedule. Making friends will probably be harder because you have less time and energy. You may see some of your friends being more successful and compare yourself. You just might experience some of these hard things. I did.

BUT, you also might never miss the stress that comes with never-ending tests and assignments. Because of your job, you might meet some people (or students) that you would have never met otherwise and they just might become some of the biggest blessings in your life. You might learn how to be a better and more intentional friend. You might grow closer to the Lord in a whole new way. Your selfishness may be highlighted and stripped. You just might experience some of these really good things. I did.

I wish someone would have told me some of the realistic things about adulthood as I was graduating. But now I wish I heard more people talking about the great things that adulthood has to offer so I wanted to talk about both.

I am so excited for you to step out into this new chapter. What a thrill it will be to trust the Lord like never before, to see his faithful hand over your story once again. Embrace this new season, move forward head on this is the new place that Christ is calling you to be his ambassador. He wants his kids out in the work field to be the light and point others to him. What an honor that he is sending YOU!

Get pumped graduate, the Lord is doing a brand new work! May we celebrate his faithfulness and look forward with expectancy & open hands.

“Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,Rivers in the desert.” – Isaiah 43:19

XO – Brooke

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