Adulting; The Best Time of our Lives

We spend so much of our lives dreaming of the next season. When we are in middle school, we can’t wait for high school. When we are in high school, we can’t wait for college. When we are in college we can’t wait to be done with class and get our dream job (if that is even a thing). When we are married we can’t wait to have kids…and the list goes on. Sometimes when we actually reach the season we have been dreaming of, it doesn’t seem to quite measure up to the fantasies that we had created in our minds. Let me tell you honestly, this new “adulting” phase of life has been a little bit of a shock to my system.

Going from college — where you are always surrounded by your best friends and peers, you can stay up until 2:00 a.m. and sleep in till 10:00 a.m., you can take a nap whenever you need, you are constantly attending social events, financial responsibilities are low, and free food is a regular thing– to adult life is a big culture shock.

Adult life looks just a little bit different. I’m not sure that I was prepared for the amount of job applications I would have to fill out or the amount of jobs that require “at least 2-3 years of experience”. I’m over here like, “Hellooo, how am I supposed to get experience if every one requires experience?” And then you finally get a job, (thank you, Jesus!) and waking up every morning at 5:30 or 6 a.m., getting ready, working all day, and getting home at 5:30 or 6 p.m. doesn’t seem quite as exciting as you once thought it would be. I feel like I have experienced exhaustion on a whole new level. I crack up when I think back to my first month or two of working full-time. I was so extremely exhausted that I would get home, make dinner, and typically fall asleep by about 8:00 p.m. My body is much more adjusted to working full time, but work is still extremely tiring in every sense. Then on top of the working you have the bills and the budgeting, laundry and grocery shopping, working out, trying to make friends, etc. etc. And lets be real here, is it just me or is making friends a lot more difficult as an adult?! For me, I spend most of my day working, then I come home and make dinner, spend some time with my husband, and by that point it’s later in the evening and I’m ready to wind down and go to sleep. As someone who leans towards being a little bit introverted, it can be a struggle for me to want to hang out with anyone after I have already been around people all day. The struggle is real, ya feel me?

There have been times during this past year that I have thought, man I miss constant community, I miss naps, I miss comfortable, and I miss my family. But no matter how crazy this new season is, I refuse to buy into the lie that “College will be the best 4 years of your life”. I believe that the best years of my life are always the NOW. I want to soak up the moments that God has placed right in front of me. These moments are precious and fleeting. Seriously you guys. It’s taken me awhile to realize this, but this new season is awesome! Although, friendships are slower to develop than I am used to, they have developed and they are so sweet (AND I get to grow and nurture my relationship with my husband even more). Although, finances can be stressful, working hard has become even more rewarding and giving money is even more sanctifying. Although there is always laundry to be done, rooms to be cleaned, and groceries to be bought, my heart is being purified and learning to truly serve. This season with the Lord has been so, so rich. I have to trust Him with a lot bigger issues and find my ultimate satisfaction in Him alone. I’m not sure that I have ever had to do that at the level that I do now. God has taught me so many new things about His promises, His character, and my calling. He is teaching me, growing me, and preparing me like never before. All of these things have come from a season, that at first, was unwelcomed. Thankful that I have a loving Father who changes my heart.

Maybe you have recently entered this new season of adulting too or maybe you have been adulting for 30 years now…but whatever season you are in, savor it. Savor these moments; they are but a mist. Open your eyes to what the Lord is doing in you and around you. He is at work right now in your life even when it may not feel like it! There are so many sweet things that the Father is doing for you, be aware and give thanks. Ask how God can use you right where you are at. Praise God for his provisions and his grace. We have to stop missing our yesterdays and dreaming for our tomorrows. What a waste of the time that we have graciously been given. God is doing a NEW thing in our lives TODAY. Faithful He has been and faithful He will be. Let’s celebrate!!! x0- Brooke

“Forget the former things;
    do not dwell on the past.
 See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.” -Isaiah 43:18-19

Here is what I have seen to be good and fitting: to eat, to drink and enjoy oneself in all one’s labor in which he toils under the sun during the few years of his life which God has given him; for this is his reward. Furthermore, as for every man to whom God has given riches and wealth, He has also empowered him to eat from them and to receive his reward and rejoice in his labor; this is the gift of God. For he will not often consider the years of his life, because God keeps him occupied with the gladness of his heart.” Ecclesiates 5:18-20


ALL PHOTO CREDIT TO : Traci Hendrickson, @tracimichellephotography,

10 thoughts on “Adulting; The Best Time of our Lives

  1. Just wanted you to know that you are a beautiful person inside and out! You always have been! Your blogs are beautifully written because they come straight from a beautiful heart. If you feel like no one is reading them, you are wrong! So keep on sharing from your heart and I pray that God will continue to bless you and use your life experiences to help others on their crazy journey towards the cross! I love you and I am super proud of you!


  2. Brooke. Seriously. God is using you and speaking through you in an almost unnerving way. Keep loving your life and keep sharing your heart, chica. You are making a difference. AND, you should read Simply Tuesday. You’d love it.

    Love you girly.

    ~Aunt Kym


  3. Wow you just keep on blessing your mam-ma Even at this stage of my life God keeps me busy working in his kingdom. Each new day is exciting. I love you


  4. Sister… Wow. This reflection is exactly what God has been teaching me, and yet you put it in a way that is filled with so much reverence, awe, wonder, and love of our awesome Heavenly Father. The love of Jesus is shining through you and your soft heart to what He has to teach you. I pray that I might grow in this too.

    ‘“Forget the former things;
    do not dwell on the past.
    See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
    I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.” -Isaiah 43:18-19’

    Thank you for sharing that verse and the ones from Ecclesiastes.


  5. This mam-ma is so proud and blessed by your writings even at this stage of my life. Thank you for being used by God in so many lives. Love you


  6. Brooke,
    You are such a shining example for our lord and even at my stage in life I am learning from you and your writing!

    I love you so very much!


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