The Journey

Yesterday was a whirlwind. This past weekend, I was visiting all my family in New Mexico. My husband was not able to come, so I decided to fly back early yesterday morning to be able to spend sometime with him before the weekend was over. I got to the airport at 7:30am and was supposed to arrive at 1:30pm; a quick 5 hour trip. However, long story short, my 5 hour trip quickly turned into a 16 hour trip and I didn’t get home until 12:00am that night. Although the situation was unanticipated and frustrating, God chose that time to speak and remind me of several truths:

  1. Sometimes we have to take a detour to get to our destination

So often, we want a quick, straight path to get to where we are going…but as we all know, this is not how God always works. Yesterday I wanted to get home, and I did, I just took a longer and less glamorous route to get there. In our lives, God has certain places that he wants for us to be or certain things that he wants for us to do, but what if His way of getting us there involves a less glamorous route than we had planned? There were times yesterday when I got emotional, I so badly wanted to be with either my family or with my husband; I felt like my time was being wasted. But wake up call: NOTHING IS WASTED. God does not waste a single second of our lives. Each moment in our life is being used by our Creator to make us into the person he wants us to be. There is purpose in the ‘detours’. Is God using an unexpected situation in your life to prepare you and grow you for a certain destination?

2. God provides. Always.

Although the airline messed up my flight, I was not alone. There were 8 other people who were trying to get to Tulsa that couldn’t. At the time, we were all flying alone, but now we had 8 other fellow Tulsans to do the journey with. I spent my entire day yesterday with two strangers in particular who turned into friends. I am still cracking up at how funny all of it is…We ate lunch together, spent all of our time in the airport together, we split a pizza, we exchanged phone numbers…it was as if we were lifelong friends already. It’s kinda funny, but God truly provided. I didn’t have to walk my ‘detour’ alone. How is God currently providing in your life? Whether it’s in the small things like making friends with strangers or whether it’s something big, He is providing; He always does.

3. When you can see the big picture, you realize that the ‘big’ things are actually small things.

On one of my flights yesterday I was sitting by the window (which is also provision from the Lord, like really… window seats are the best) looking out as we were getting closer to landing. I love looking at cities from above. As we were flying over Denver, I realized how many golf courses there were. My family is a big golf family, so I have walked many golf courses in my life time. Let me tell you, 18 holes of golf seems so long and the courses seem so huge. But as I was looking at the golf courses from the airplane, they looked so small. This moment was a moment that my Father used to teach me. I was reminded that when you are in the midst of a situation or problem, it may seem huge and unconquerable. But when you look at the big picture, that ‘huge’ thing is actually really small in the grand scheme of things. If we are keeping our eyes on eternity (the big picture), we will realize that most of these things that we spend so much time and emotion on are actually small and insignificant. Keep your eyes on Christ, and your perspective on life will be corrected.

Although my day yesterday was nothing that I had planned, it was such a unique day that the Lord used to his glory and my good. Thankful for the little detour on my way to my destination!

In the words of my boy Ben “Looking down from 30,000 feet, oh, life (GODS) been good to me” !!!


One thought on “The Journey

  1. Yes Brooke, sometimes we hit a detour that we aren’t expecting . That has happened to me in the last few months, but with the prayers of friends and family Gary and I have been able to take one day at a time and experience the Lord’s goodness in everything that we go through. Thank you for reminding us of unexpected joy and for posting another exceptional blog. We love you!!

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