Greatest Job, Greatest Joy

I practically daily dream about the time that I will be a Mom. I mean seriously, that is the greatest job in the world. No, it is not at all glamorous or easy, but what an incredible impact you get to make on your children and eternity. A Mom is a full-time discipler. For 18 years+ she gets to raise up a small army for the Lord. Like, are you serious? That is incredible.

In honor of Mothers Day, I wanted to feature my awesome Momma…So I asked her a few questions about Motherhood:

Q: What is the hardest thing about being a Mom?

A: “The hardest thing about being a Mom for me is worry. I wrestle with the Lord on what I want vs. His will. A mom’s heart and mind aren’t equipped to understand the big picture. We want our children’s lives to be easy and beautiful but the Lord may use hardship, pain, and fire to refine them and make them who He wants them to be. I have to rest in His provision and whatever that means for my children’s lives.”

Q:What is your favorite thing about being a Mom?

A: “Depends on which phase of the journey you are on…When your children are little it is so exciting to see their little personalities forming and to daily get those hugs and kisses. When they get older, it’s so great when the Lord uses your children to teach you something! It’s pure joy to be a Mom. There are days, yes, when you are overwhelmed or frustrated, but the love you have for them trumps everything else. It’s seriously an amazing thing to be called Mom!”

Q: What advice do you have for new or soon-to-be Moms?

A: “Being a Mom is hard work and can’t be done with your own strength. Learn to look to the Lord for the strength you need in each day and each circumstance. Be consistent, and make sure that your walk and talk match. Pray for and with your children often!”

Wowza. I cannot wait for the day when I get to experience and learn all of those things!

Looking back on my life, I have no words to describe how thankful I am for my Mom. Nearly every single morning, when I was growing up, my Mom would wake us up and fix us breakfast. Nearly every single evening, she would have a clean house and dinner ready for our family. And every single night, she and my dad would pray with us before bed. She supported all of our passions and efforts. She listened, instructed, and disciplined when she needed. She taught us scripture and truth. As a girl, she taught me how to dress, wear make-up, do my hair, cook, and clean. She walked with me through hardships and offered wisdom. She showed me what a woman of the Lord looks like. She is the most selfless, servant-hearted person I know, and the impact she has made on my life is immeasurable. 

As blessed as I have been to be able to experience all of those things and have a stable Mother (and Father) in my life, not every child gets that opportunity. Some children will never experience the love and stability of a Mother or Father. That is truly heartbreaking. The Lord has been stirring in me a passion for these children. This month is National Foster Care Awareness month. In Oklahoma alone, there over 12,000 children in the state’s custody due to abuse or neglect. Wow. Imagine the statistics across our entire globe. People. These children are dying to be loved and to have a home. No matter where you are in life right now, there is something that you can do care for these children. Maybe it is adopting, maybe it is giving them a temporary home until they do get adopted, maybe it’s giving money, or maybe it is praying. As I think about the impact my Mom has had on my life, I desperately want all children to be able to experience that same love and consistency. Adoption and Foster Care are truly a beautiful picture of the gospel, be praying about what that looks like for you life. We are called to be the gospel.

All of that to say…..All you Moms out there rock. Happy Mother’s Day!!!! Thank you for the love, discipline, consistency, and safety you provide. You are impacting eternity. You deserve to be celebrated!

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